Residential and Commercial scale wind turbines 

Increasing Energy Efficiency for Small-Medium scale wind turbine application 

Green Constitutes Sdn Bhd is a supplier, developer and solution provider for small-medium scale wind turbine system. We select our manufacturers with highly efficient generators and superior technologies.

The selection of wind turbine system can be divided into two main types; one is the conventional horizontal axis and the more sophisticated vertical axis. Each type has its own pros and cons, that is why we always advice our client to perform wind resource assessment. This will enable us to determine which type of wind turbine is more suitable for the intended application.

We can provide both types of wind turbines, which have different technology, efficiency, capacity and price. Our company is also an authorized dealer for several wind turbine manufacturers around the world. Please contact our wind energy department for more information on our product range. 

 Advanced Technology

As a reputable wind energy developer in Malaysia, we provide our clients with only the best possible technology available in the market today.

We have both wind turbines with low cut-in speed and low rated speed. Our horizontal axis turbines have counter-rotating blades and highly efficient 6-phase generators for low rated speed to increase energy production while our vertical axis turbines have low cut-in wind speed via its drag blades.

 Reducing risk with wind monitoring service

The most important factor in any wind projects is the wind resource at site location. Installing a wind turbine system would be risky investment without on-site wind resource assessment.

The selection of wind monitoring equipment and service is depending on the size of the intended wind turbine project. We will deploy the most appropriate equipment and service according to the total value of investment.

 Infinite Wind Energy - Dolphin series introduction VIDEO. 

Ventilation Recovery System - VRS

 Cooling Tower Application

Installed VRS 

In any wind projects, wind strength is the most important factor in terms of power output. The best situation for a wind turbine is to install it on a site with strong and constant wind. There is geometric limitation to find such sites, but it is very easy to find such wind characteristic at the exit of a ventilation system.

With the low-cost 300W vertical axis Ventilation Recovery System, the wind turbine can achieve up to 80% efficiency depending on cooling tower outlet wind speed.

Product Specifications Downloads; 

IWE-turbine specifications.pdf IWE-turbine specifications.pdf
Size : 452 Kb
Type : pdf
DS300.pdf DS300.pdf
Size : 303.171 Kb
Type : pdf
DS1500.pdf DS1500.pdf
Size : 209.55 Kb
Type : pdf
DS3000.pdf DS3000.pdf
Size : 288.41 Kb
Type : pdf
Techical Write-Up (VRS).pdf Techical Write-Up (VRS).pdf
Size : 489.936 Kb
Type : pdf
catalogue-gamesa-g9x-eng.pdf catalogue-gamesa-g9x-eng.pdf
Size : 6358.711 Kb
Type : pdf
gamesa-g5x-catalogue-eng.pdf gamesa-g5x-catalogue-eng.pdf
Size : 5887.821 Kb
Type : pdf
Hummer2.7- 500W.pdf Hummer2.7- 500W.pdf
Size : 946.728 Kb
Type : pdf
Hummer3.1- 1kW.pdf Hummer3.1- 1kW.pdf
Size : 956.748 Kb
Type : pdf
Hummer3.8-2kW.pdf Hummer3.8-2kW.pdf
Size : 370.333 Kb
Type : pdf
Hummer4.6-3kW.pdf Hummer4.6-3kW.pdf
Size : 412.742 Kb
Type : pdf
Hummer6.4-5kW.pdf Hummer6.4-5kW.pdf
Size : 460.736 Kb
Type : pdf
Hummer8.0- 10kW.pdf Hummer8.0- 10kW.pdf
Size : 972.339 Kb
Type : pdf
Hummer9.0-20kW.pdf Hummer9.0-20kW.pdf
Size : 413.261 Kb
Type : pdf
Hummer10.0-30kW.pdf Hummer10.0-30kW.pdf
Size : 417.91 Kb
Type : pdf
Hummer12.0- 50kW.pdf Hummer12.0- 50kW.pdf
Size : 924.443 Kb
Type : pdf

Utility scale wind turbines

From Greenfield Development to Technical and Commercial Management

We combine the entire specialist skills required to meet our clients and investors needs to create added value at all levels of a wind turbine project.

Our customer-oriented value chain ensures consistency and optimization throughout the process in all of our projects. The value chain constitutes result-focused tools, comprising three main products and services: Greenfield development, Turnkey solutions and Technical and Commercial Management (TCM), which provide the customers the flexibility to choose individually or as a package.

Greenfield Development 

First link of our value chain.

Greenfield is the first link in the Green Constitutes value chain. Greenfield Development refers to the development and planning of a wind turbine project from the early “open land” stage until all the necessary permits and agreements are obtained.

Our Greenfield knowledge, experience and practical skills represent an important link in the chain for creating independent, dynamic development and exploiting opportunities in the Asia-Pacific and Malaysian wind market. By establishing local offices, we ensure up-to-date knowledge of the market and a valuable network for finding the Greenfield projects that meet our requirements and those of our customers

As a customer, you can choose to let us manage the Greenfield aspect only, or to make use of several links in our value chain. Suitable or proposed areas for development of wind projects are investigated, with the aim of assessing the feasibility of a project.

Feasibility studies cover the following areas: wind resource, grid connection (for grid-connected projects), roads, soil conditions and the environment.  This initial phase typically ends with the existence of agreements with the land-owners, a preliminary commitment on final grid connection and the authorities’ acknowledgement of the location of the project.

Wind assessment equipment - NRG Systems 

Turnkey Solutions 

Second link of our value chain.

Turnkey is the second link in the Green Constitutes value chain.

Our knowledge, experience and practical skills in the area of turnkey and semi-turnkey solutions represent an important link in a flexible, dynamic structure, ensuring that we identify and exploit the opportunities in the Malaysian wind market. Our local offices ensure up-to-the-minute knowledge of the market, local expertise and a valuable local network throughout the turnkey phase.

As a customer, you can choose to let us manage the turnkey aspect alone, or make use of several links in our value chain. If the Greenfield aspect (the first link in the value chain) was carried out elsewhere, we start by ensuring that the work done meets our standards.

The Turnkey concept refers to the realization of a wind turbine project. The Turnkey phase begins when all the required permits for the wind turbine project are in place - see Greenfield. We have divided the turnkey service into two general scenarios: Turnkey and Semi- Turnkey. In this phase, Green Constitutes implements a turnkey wind turbine project for the customer.

Turnkey comprises planning, design, construction and commissioning. We also deliver project management and site management. The Turnkey phase is complete when a finished wind turbine project is handed over to the customer. Together with the customer, we plan, design, construct and commission the wind turbine project. In Semi-Turnkey projects, the customer is directly involved in the implementation of the project, typically in the form of part deliveries, e.g. infrastructure or wind turbines.

Green Constitutes delivers project management and site management. This phase is complete when a finished wind turbine project is handed over to the customer.

 Wind farm in Texas, USA

Technical and Commercial Management

Third link of our value chain.

Technical & Commercial Management (TCM) is the third link in the Green Constitutes value chain.

Our knowledge, experience and practical expertise in Technical and Commercial Management (TCM) are intended to optimize the customer’s wind turbine investment without difficulty. We take on the responsibility of ensuring that the wind turbine projects are administered technically and financially in an optimal manner, while respecting local and national laws and regulations.

Technical & Commercial Management (TCM) works on the customer’s behalf to cover all operational issues associated with the wind turbine manufacturer, the authorities, land-owners, insurance companies, service companies, auditors, banks and so on. Work is carried out on the basis of a specific agreement with the customer. We have divided TCM into three aspects: Technical Management, Financial Services and Accounting Services.

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