BIPV System for Residential and Commercial applications

Green Constitutes Sdn Bhd is a supplier and solution provider for small scale solar energy system. We select our manufacturers with highly efficient solar panels and superior technologies.

The selection of solar panels can be divided into two main types; one is the mono crystalline array and the other is the poly crystalline array. Each type has its own pros and cons depending on temperature on-site.

We can provide both types of solar panels, which have different technology, efficiency, capacity and price. Our company is also an authorized distributor for one of the reputable solar panels manufacturer in China with German technology; ET Solar Group. 

Please download our product brochure below or please contact our solar energy department for more information on our product range. 

We offer a series of BIPV modules which can be installed on a wide variety of building structures including roofs, skylights, facades, shade, etc. BIPV modules can be integrated to new buildings and retrofitted onto existing buildings. While the equipment and installation cost of BIPV products are now largely comparable to the cost of traditional building materials, their ability to power the building makes compelling economical sense. Our BIPV modules make the dream of self powered building come true. 

You can download the transparent and frameless modules specifications below. We also offer double-glass frame modules with solar cells laminated in between.


Brochure-Solar.pdf Brochure-Solar.pdf
Size : 226.399 Kb
Type : pdf
ET Solution.pdf ET Solution.pdf
Size : 1548.004 Kb
Type : pdf
Why Zero Rack.pdf Why Zero Rack.pdf
Size : 2704.21 Kb
Type : pdf
2012 ET Reference.pdf 2012 ET Reference.pdf
Size : 3133.605 Kb
Type : pdf
Anti-Glare Module.rar Anti-Glare Module.rar
Size : 3592.475 Kb
Type : rar
Frameless Module.rar Frameless Module.rar
Size : 1963.311 Kb
Type : rar
Hybrid-Crystalline.rar Hybrid-Crystalline.rar
Size : 935.237 Kb
Type : rar
Poly-Crystalline.rar Poly-Crystalline.rar
Size : 1594.834 Kb
Type : rar
Mono-Crystalline.rar Mono-Crystalline.rar
Size : 2484.963 Kb
Type : rar
Transparent Module.rar Transparent Module.rar
Size : 3005.637 Kb
Type : rar
Zero-Rack Module.rar Zero-Rack Module.rar
Size : 3785.62 Kb
Type : rar
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