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With the recent announcement of energy prices rising by 7% per annum for the next few years, energy consumers in Malaysia have realized that they need to take urgent action to manage this escalation in their Energy bills. 

In order to take action on managing your energy bills, the first step is to review the energy consumption components in your building – or as we define this – to define the energy footprint (Qualitative and Quantitative) in your home or office. Once the energy footprint has been defined, we can then define actions to manage the energy consumption downwards. In addition to reviewing your energy consumption, we also provide plans for Carbon emission reduction and Water consumption management. We have experienced partners and associates who are qualified to perform detailed energy audits and reports in the UK, South Africa and Malaysia. 

Currently in Malaysia, energy audits are being done for the industrial sector due to their heavy consumption. However, we are planning to expand our market to both residential and commercial sectors. 

Energy Management vs Carbon Management vs Water Management 

At Green Constitutes, we believe that there are direct relationships between Energy consumption, Carbon emissions and Water scarcity. Using electricity in your home or office environment incurs energy. But, this energy use is generated through various methods which include the burning of fossil fuel. Burning fossil fuel releases excess Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere.

The increased amount of Carbon Dioxide is one of the main reasons that we are witnessing global shifts in weather patterns. Malaysia is experiencing some extremely hot periods followed by heavy rainfall and changing wind pattern which will affect our water availability and destroy our food production. We expect this situation to worsen unless we start taking action.

Please contact our Energy division for more information regarding our energy audit services and smart grid system. 

What is the process?


There are a number of key activities and stages in order to complete your audit. In the pre-audit process, we request details of your utility bills, building plans, and electrical plans.


During the audit process, we will undertake a full energy audit of your buildings, behavioral energy/water usage, and climate assessment for renewable energy considerations.


We will provide a report with our findings and recommendations. We will explain the required actions, solutions and options. We will work with you directly to implement the report findings.

Post Audit Review

We will review your utility bills in three months to review your consumption. At this stage, we will make additional recommendations (if warranted). In addition, you will always have access to us for questions and additional implementation. 


Smart Socket with Remote Control
5-Way Powerdown Strip
Smart Wall Mounted Meter
Distribution board (16 channels)
Smart Water Meter
Smart Pulse Meter
Smart Energy Controller
Multi Sensor
Smart Switch
Clamp-on Current Sensor
Energy Manager Software (Desktop)
Energy Manager Account (Online Platform)
Energy Manager iPhone App
Energy Saving Kits (various range)
GC Guardian Package (up to 250 metering points)


Project References:  

GC EMA.pdf GC EMA.pdf
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GC EMA Products Handbook.pdf GC EMA Products Handbook.pdf
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Energy Audit Kit Product Guide.pdf Energy Audit Kit Product Guide.pdf
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FAQ Energy Management System.pdf FAQ Energy Management System.pdf
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FAQ GC Guardian.pdf FAQ GC Guardian.pdf
Size : 391.023 Kb
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IBM Case Study.pdf IBM Case Study.pdf
Size : 258.405 Kb
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Interior Control Case Study.pdf Interior Control Case Study.pdf
Size : 443.901 Kb
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Lyric Center Case Study.pdf Lyric Center Case Study.pdf
Size : 114.554 Kb
Type : pdf
Cheltenham Borough Council Case Study.pdf Cheltenham Borough Council Case Study.pdf
Size : 199.559 Kb
Type : pdf

Delivering Real Benefits 

If you are looking to save money by cutting energy costs, our Energy Management and GC Guardian sales proposition to you would be:

  • Decrease your energy spend by 10% - 40%
  • Seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure to monitor all areas of your energy consumption and generation
  • 24/7 online access to your real-time energy profile
  • Receive regular remote energy coaching sessions to help eliminate waste from your facilities
  • Installed with zero downtime or disruption to your organization
  • Trusted by over 200 leading companies and public sector organizations

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